Thursday, 16 October 2014

New Zealand Servicemen - 3rd Division, 37 Battery Artillery - Ron Buchanan

A tribute to a serviceman today.
Miss Doreen Buchanan, the donor of this material, wished to share the materials she had preserved from the period of the Second World War.
Without living relatives, she donated these images and documents to Bartley Family Archive in order to ensure their preservation. She also asked that we share her brother's memorabilia, as well as make it safe for the future. Hence this post.
All originals will be sent on to the National Army Museum.

If you have historical images and documentation but are unsure how to preserve it please do contact your local museum. They always welcome enquiries from the community and are well qualified to give you the best advice.

Ronald Redmund BUCHANAN was the son of James (Jimmy) Buchanan of Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand.
Ron's father was a well known jockey and horse trainer with stables in Puriri Avenue, Greenlane. The Buchanans had Ellerslie connections dating back to the 1890s.

Mass photo of entire 3rd Division, 37 Battery Artillery, image BFA

Reverse hold the signatures of all the men in the Division, image BFA

Ron Buchanan on the occasion of his enlistment #49262
This is Ron's pay book showing typical entries for armed forces pay roll.
Soldier's Identity Certificate and service medals: 1939-45 Star; 1939-35 Medal; Pacific Star;Defence Medal; Service 1939-45
A welcome telegram to anxious parents
Soldier's Certificate of Discharge