The Royal Jersey Album by Philip Jean Ouless

This book of illustrations was produced to mark the visit of Queen Victoria to Jersey in 1846. Philip Ouless was a Jersey artist of some note, asked to make a pictorial record of the event. Edward Bartley brought his copy of the album to New Zealand with him in 1854. Here is a selection of images scanned from that album. Enjoy.

The Royal Squadron at Anchor off St Helier on the first day. Image BFA

The Squadron enters the Harbour of St Aubin's Bay Image BFA

Celebratory fireworks Illuminating St Helier that evening. Image BFA

The Royal Couple land at St Helier the next morning. Image BFA

The welcome for the procession passing through Royal Square. Image BFA

Passing one of the decorative archways and St Mark's Church. Image BFA

The Royal couple visiting the castle at Mt Orgueil

The Queen and Prince returning to their ship Image BFA