Sunday, 21 October 2012

Images of Early Auckland from the Post Card Collection

I apologise for the long absence. Mother passed away last Sunday and it is only now I am able to pick up again on the writing and research. We have been celebrating her life with family and friends. It is noteworthy how often conversation at these gatherings turns to more remote forebears, and how much interest there is in our historical relationships as a community of descendants. I really enjoy sharing the Bartley Archive materials with a wider audience and at present I am following my inclination to begin with the Channel Islands link but please let me know if there are particular individuals or families you would like to read about in these posts.
Today we take a break from Jersey to answer a request made for some of our photographs of early Auckland, New Zealand. Most of these are undated I'm sorry to say, but I hope you enjoy this selection from our postcard collection.

The Cricket ground Auckland Domain.

Albert Park with central suburbs in the background

The Art Gallery (centre) in its original setting

The long vista down Queen St

A view from the Lower Queen St end

Twin views of Queen St Auckland from street level

Transition time- several modes of transport in evidence

This Supreme Court building was under construction around the time Bartley's were establishing themselves in Auckland

Some images of the North Shore, Auckland:

Clue: there is a family connection to this Ferry Building on Devonport Wharf

A view across Devonport toward St Heliers, Auckland

Called simply The Lake by most residents on the North Shore at this time.