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Jane Bartley and Charles Hamon

Jane Bartley marries Charles Hamon

Jane Bartley was the second child of Robert BARTLEY and Betsy BENEST. She was born 25 March 1823 and baptised at the St Helier Parish Church on 6 April of that year. Both she and her elder sister Harriet married around the same time, to men who were in business together as drapers – William Vonberg and Charles Hamon. There is also a connection to Wesleyan Methodism here in that both William and Charles were active in church affairs at the same time as Robert Bartley.

Charles Hamon was born in October 1821. His parents were Charles Hamon and Susanna HUBERT. Together  Jane and Charles raised a large family and built the drapery business into a very successful enterprise. The business was retained in the family until its closure in 1996.

Photo taken about 1994 of the Hamon Drapery, donated by Hamon family researchers

There were thirteen children in the Hamon family.They lived first at Devonshire Place, St Helier,later moving to a large house called Dulce Dominum at 61 Colomberie. This house is now the Norfolk Hotel.

Jane, Charles and family (Donated by Hamon Family)

Hamon descendants on Jersey still have the portraits of Jane and  Charles (Donated by Hamon Family)

Memorial Card for Jane's death

After Jane’s death in 1882 Charles Hamon remarried,  to Mary Ann EDDY. The eldest daughter of William Eddy and Mary HALL, Mary Ann was born in St Helier in 1833. She worked as an assistant in the drapery and had been godmother to Earnest QUEREE, Jane's nephew in 1865. She also  predeceased Charles, dying on 23 April 1899.
Charles died in 1901 and his son Charles William took over the business.

Jane is buried in the Hamon family plot, in the Methodist section of the Almorah Cemetery, Jersey.

Children of Jane Bartley & Charles Hamon

Maria Jane (1846)
Charles William ( March 1847)
Lydia (1848- 1875)
Wesley ( Feb 1851)
Arthur ( Dec 1851)
Martha ( Jan 1853)
James (1854)
Louisa  (1855)
Matilda  (Oct 1857)
Alice (Jan 1859)
Ada ( Sept 1861)
Jessie  (1863)
Martin  (1865-1900)

Lydia Hamon

Matilda Hamon

Jessie Hamon

Martin Hamon (donated by Hamon Family)

This image has been tentatively identified as Wesley Hamon. Can  any researchers help with confirmation of this?

1871 Census return for Hamon family

The New Zealand Connection

Jane’s youngest son Martin came to New Zealand about the same time as his cousin Earnest Queree, possibly in 1881. He settled in Auckland, near his extended family.

By 1883 he was employed as a clerk with the New Zealand Graphic. He later worked in the advertising department of The Star. Martin also was a talented artist. 

Images of Martin's New Zealand Diarama. (Donated by the Hamon Family)

Martin married Emily FISHER. She was born in 1868 in Auckland, a sister to his cousin Clement Bartley’s wife. 

Extract Auckland Star 21 November 1890, page 4
Emily Fisher
The Bride's Visiting Card

Emily and Martin had two children: Martin Charles and Emily Avis. 
Martin died suddenly of an influenza type illness on 20 September 1900. He was 36 years old.

This notice appeared in the Auckland Star 9 Oct 1900

In July 1901 Emily died as a result of her struggle with Bright’s disease. In those days sufferers of kidney complaints like this lived as dependent invalids and she had not been well since the birth of her daughter. Their children were put into foster care. 

Extract Auckland Star 10 July 1901

The Grave of Emily and Martin Hamon. Purewa, Auckland Block D Row 31 Plot 35

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Eliza Bartley in Australia

Today we look at the sixth child of Robert Bartley & Betsy Benest- Eliza Bartley. Much of this is fairly recent research so I have included what is known so far about her children and grandchildren.

Eliza Bartley in Australia

Eliza was born in 1830 and baptised at the Town Church St Helier on the 12th of March 1830. She married Charles HAWLEY about 1847 at St Helier. Although this marriage has not yet been found, we do have a record of the baptism of their first child Eliza at St Helier. Eliza Hawley was born 23 August 1847.
Sometime between 1848 and 1851 the Hawley family left the Channel Islands. In 1853 they are found settled on the Victorian goldfields where their son Henry Charles was born in that year. Charles (1854-55) Edward (1855) and Matilda (1857) followed. Amelia Virginia was born at Port Sorrell Tasmania in 1860, perhaps while travelling, as the family continued to live at Cherton, Forest Creek, Castlemaine and farmed there.

Matilda Hawley

Edward Hawley

Charles Hawley died in Victoria in 1862. Eliza remarried, to Robert WAITE in 1870. They had a daughter Mary Ann. Robert Waite died 7 January 1883 at Faraday.  Eliza married for a third time to Joseph WATERWORTH. 
On 21 February 1889 Eliza died on the family property at Guildford. In her will she appointed her son Edward guardian of Mary Ann and left provision for the expenses of her care until her marriage. Edward had married Elizabeth TEAGUE in 1878, the same year that his sister Matilda had married Joseph BEAVER. Joseph Waterworth died 4 November 1892.

Pioneers in Western Australia

Eliza Hawley, Grandaughter of Robert Bartley & Betsy Benest married John TUCKEY in Victoria in 1864 The couple joined that pioneer family at Mandurah, Western Australia shortly afterward.
Eliza Hawley

The Tuckey Connection

In 1829 John TUCKEY senior signed an agreement to be part of Thomas PEEL’s plans for a settlement on the Swan River in Western Australia. John was an indentured servant to Thomas Peel. He was a widower and travelled with his son James and his daughter Charlotte.
He arrived near Freemantle in May 1830 on the Rockingham which had been hired and set sail in January 1830. They were hit by a storm while disembarking and although there were no casualties most of their property was lost. Unlike many others John Tuckey travelled on with Peel to Mandurah.
John was given a property to farm and settled in 1831 about two miles north of the Murray River. He applied to leave Peel’s service in 1833 and then took up 50 acres of Peel’s land grant. By 1836 he was one of four European men in the Mandurah district, one of whom was T EACOTT who married John’s daughter Charlotte in 1839. His son James married Mary Anne Esther (her surname is not yet known). This couple would have four children – John Jnr, Charles, Matilda and Helen.
In 1852 John Tuckey sold twenty acres of land and left for Victoria with his family. He returned to Mandurah in 1859.
John Tuckey Senior with two of his grandsons

John TUCKEY Junior married Eliza HAWLEY in 1864 in Victoria. When they moved back to Mandurah they lived in the small cottage next to the Brighton Hotel. Eliza had some medical experience and was often called on by the community. She also became the unofficial school teacher, receiving a yearly allowance from the community for teaching local children.

 With his brother Charles, John concentrated on farming at first. In the 1870’s the brothers went to the North West to join the pearl fishing there. They had two boats and employed locals as divers.
After four or five seasons they returned to Mandurah where they invested in new businesses – C. Tuckey and Co Preserving Works at Peel Inlet was one of these. They erected a two-storey fish cannery on the eastern foreshore opposite the Brighton Hotel.
In 1880 John left Mandurah in a new seafaring enterprise with a Fremantle merchant. He purchased a vessel and began a trade run between Singapore and Japan. Charles meanwhile ran the cannery very successfully. (Tuckey canned fruit and fish won medals at the Perth International Exhibition in 1881; the Colonial Exhibition in 1886 and the Melbourne Centennial Exhibition in 1898.)
In 1883 John returned to pearling, working out of Derby on his own behalf. In 1884 he worked with Tuckey and Co delivering goods between Mandurah and Freemantle. His interests in Singapore continued meanwhile.
In 1890 their sons Stephen and William were drowned when their boat capsized around Rockingham. One of their other sons had been lost in the same area only a year or so before.
John became  well known amongst Singapore shipping connections. He eventually relinquished his partnership in Tuckey and Co and settled in Singapore. He also travelled to England, Scotland and Borneo.   Eliza and one of her sons  joined him in in Singapore during the 1890s. John died at sea about 1901, after which Eliza returned to Western Australia. She settled in Peppermint Grove and died in 1907.
 Interesting photos of the cannery and early Mandurah can be found on the Mandurah Council site at:

Known Children of John TUCKEY and Eliza HAWLEY
1.      Evangaline Ada – 1865 (reg#8536WABDM)
2.      Charles John – 1867 (reg#10125WABDM) Married Sara Jane GREEN – Children Mildred Edith Tuckey 1891; William George Green abt 1893. Charles died at sea 1893
3.      Edward James Foster – 1870 (reg#12051WABDM) Married Lucy GREEN children Eva Matilda Tuckey 1891; Verna May Tuckey 1893; Stephen Hawley Tuckey 1895-1899; Harold Edward John Tuckey 1900
4.      Stephen Ernest – 1872 (reg#13819WABDM)
5.      Ernest William Bartley – 1876 (reg#17698WABDM)Died at sea 1890 (reg#53WABDM)
6.      Bertha Amelia Grace – 1883 (reg#24613WABDM)
7.      Hilda May – 1886 (reg#28380WABDM) Died as an infant 1886 (reg#13740)
8.      Ida May – 1888 (reg#840WABDM)

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Robert Bartley and Esther Kerby

Thanks everyone for such an encouraging response to the recent posts.

In the nineteenth century the Bartley's family networks overseas developed with emigration. Marriage ties, economic circumstances and religious affiliations influenced the choices of destination in some cases. For others the "chain" effect was strongest, where siblings followed later into areas where family were already settled. This was a shared experience for many Jersey families.
From research in New Zealand it is clear that the "Channel Islands Identity" was strongly held and persisted in the new country. Friendships with countrymen were highly valued and influential in social patterning.
This strong matrix of family and Home ties supported resettlement, but in no way inhibited assimilation into the new colonial life-as we shall see as we continue  with our introduction to the children of Robert BARTLEY and Betsy BENEST

Robert Jnr and Esther Kerby in New Zealand

Robert was baptised on the 3rd of November 1826. He trained under his father and became a Master Builder. On the 24th of April 1848, at St Lawrence parish church, he married Esther KERBY.
Esther, daughter of Frances (Francois) Kerby and Jeanne GUILLEAME, was from a Jersey family whose pedigree and history of land ownership in the Islands can be traced back to Medieval times. Her extended family was involved in the establishment of the Latter Day Saints community at Utah, America.

After their marriage the couple settled at 20 James St in St Helier. Robert became well established in the building trade on the Island, working on several of the large construction projects undertaken at this time. The last of these was as a subcontractor on the construction of Victoria College, which was completed in 1852.

By Christmas 1853 Robert and Esther had three children Emma, Julia and Walter. There was a general tightening of economic affairs on Jersey at this time, and no further public works were planned. They made the decision to emigrate to New Zealand. The Auckland Provincial Government was advertising the opportunity to receive a grant of land to the value of their passage for those who self-funded their journey. Robert’s brother Edward Bartley and Esther’s elder sister Mary Durrell Kerby went with them. The family came out to New Zealand on the “Joseph Fletcher” arriving in October 1854.

Once in Auckland Robert worked first as a contractor and then established his business as a builder. The family lived first in Chapel St Auckland and then later at Clarence St Devonport.
When he retired from his own business, Robert worked for several years as yard manager for the Kauri Timber Company.

Esther Kerby. It is possibly Charles she is holding in this studio portrait.

Another portrait of Esther, taken some years later.

Robert and Esther’s children all settled in the Auckland, except for the youngest. Emma married Joseph WITHEFORD, Julia married Stephen ROUNTREE. Walter married Alice DAVIS and also worked as a builder in town.

Emma Bartley (Donated by Witheford family)

Julia Bartley

Robert and Esther had six more children in New Zealand: Charles, who became a builder in Auckland, marrying Letitia GEE; Alice, who married the pharmacist Stephen GILBERT; Ada, who became the wife of Robert G TUDEHOPE; Clement, a keen cyclist  who made his career in banking. He married Ellen FISHER; Henry, who died young; and Edwin, an artist who settled in Christchurch and married Ethel FEATHERSTONE.

Robert died in Auckland in 1913 and is buried in the family plot at O’Neill’s Point Cemetery
on the North Shore.

KERBY and DE GRUCHY researchers may be able to help identify these donated images which are said to be of Esther's extended family. They are reproduced without editing to highlight their presentation and condition.

This image has "Southhampton" on the reverse

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Harriet Bartley and William Vonberg

Harriet Bartley and the Vonberg family

Harriet BARTLEY - eldest child of Robert BARTLEY & Betsy BENEST (Born 1823)

Harriet was born 16 June 1823 and baptised in the Town Church at St Helier on the 29th of June 1823. The sponsors were Mr and Mrs POPE and  Judith CAPLAIN. Her parents were living in St Helier, though their street address is not known. The family worshipped with the French speaking Primitive Methodist congregation at the Don Street Chapel.

Robert and Betsy Bartley were friendly with  Daniel VONBERG, from a Prussian  family, who had settled on Jersey. The same generation as Robert’s parents, Mr Vonberg and his wife Elizabeth VIVIAN were also protestant in their religious affiliation. He was a founder of Free Masonry on the Island and ran a circulating library on Jersey.

The Vonberg Family Collection of Jewels was bequeathed to the Chapter of Harmony and
displayed in the Masonic Museum in St Helier. It is no longer available for viewing, as it was confiscated during the Nazi occupation and dispersed. Daniel Vonberg had  fifteen children, one of whom was William Chadwick Vonberg, born a month after Harriet, July 1823.

William and Harriet married in 1844. By then William had completed his apprenticeship as a Marchand Draper. He worked with his brother in law Charles HAMON as Hamon & Vonberg, Drapers
Harriet’s first child was a boy, William Charles, born in June 1845 at St Helier. Sadly, Harriet died in August of the following year of tuberculosis.Her husband later remarried. With his second wife, Jane ETCHELLS,  he had a further nine children. Two daughters were in Jersey during the occupation.

William Charles Vonberg married Martha DANDRIDGE in Oxford, England in 1870. He became the Manager of the Royal Yacht Hotel in St Helier, the owners being his Aunt Mary Vonberg and her husband George CHASE. It was one of the leading hotels in St Helier in the 1880’s. Further information on the hotel and photographs are available from Jerripedia at
William died in Somerset, England in 1889.
Harriet lies in the Vonberg family plot at St Saviour's Churchyard, Jersey.

Thanks to CIFHS volunteers for their assistance and to Vonberg family researchers for their donated research and images, and to Mike Bisson for Jerripedia.

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William Bartley and Anne Flight

The Children of William Bartley and Anne Flight of St Peter Port Guernsey.

Robert John Bartley, son of William BARTLEY and Anne FLIGHT was born in St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands on the 18th of October 1798. He was baptised at the Town Church on the 28th of October. His Godparents were his Father, his Aunt Elizabeth Flight, and Etienne Martin. A little brother William James Bartley arrived in 1801. Shortly afterwards their father died. Their mother Anne remarried to Nicholas CAPELAIN 23 April 1806 in the Town Church at St Peter Port. A step sister Judith Capelain was born the following year.

Donated image
Town Church, St Peter Port, Guernsey

Robert John Bartley marries Betsey Benest

Robert trained as a builder. The end of the war with France had meant an end to Guernsey’s privateering opportunities, with a reduction in spending power for those who had no agricultural interest. It is likely that Robert moved to Jersey about 1820.
He married on 1st July 1822, at St Helier, Jersey. His bride was Betsy BENEST, daughter of Amice BENEST and Elizabeth MARETT. She was born at Trinity, Jersey and baptised on the 27th of December 1801.  On both sides of her lineage, Betsy’s family had been in the Islands since at least the fourteenth century. Robert built houses in Union Court with his friend and business partner Robert Laurent GUILLE, who was also from St Peter Port. They traded as Bartley & Guille.[1] The two families lived as neighbours in Union Court for many years. Both partners had sons named Robert of a similar age and these youngsters joined the firm as apprentices at age 14.[2] Edward Bartley would also train with his father for a short time before emigrating. Betsy died in March 1856 and Robert followed her a year later. Both rest in the Bartley plot 180 at the Green Street Cemetery, St Helier.

[1] Jersey Archives L/A/20/A/1 West of England Insurance Co Fire Insurance Register 1823-1829
[2] 1841 Census St Helier, Jersey District 14 Folio 47 page 21- Film 0464353 Piece H.O.1071461

Donated Image
St Helier Harbour

The Parents of Robert BARTLEY of St Helier, Jersey

Transcript of parish records Town Church St Peter Port Guernsey:

Town Church Marriage

William Bartley the son of John Bartley of St.Austell in Cornwall and Ann Flight the daughter of Thomas Flight of this parishwere married together on 22 April 1797.

 Town Church Baptisms

Robert son of William Bartley and of Ann Flight his wife was born on 18th. and baptised on 28th. October 1798 had for sponsors William Bartley, Stephen Martin and Elizabeth Flight.

William James son of William Bartley and  Ann Flight his wife was born on the 5th. and baptised on 18th.May 1801 had for sponsors James Belhache, Mary Allez and William Barrett.

Donated Image
Guernsey View

Donated Image
St Peter Port from Fort George

Donated Image
Guernsey Harbour

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Robert Bartley and Betsy Benest

The Family of Robert BARTLEY & Betsy BENEST

Robert BARTLEY born 18 Oct 1798 St Peter Port, Guernsey
( Parish record transcript town church St Peter Port) 
died 9 April 1857, Union Court St Helier Jersey (Family Bible; Death Cert; Plot 180 Green St Cemetery, St Helier)
m. Elizabeth BENEST 1 July 1822 St Helier Jersey ( Parish record St Helier Parish Church ) she died 24 March 1856 ( Family Bible Trans; Parish record St Helier Parish; Plot 180 Green St Cemetery, St Helier). She born 27 December 1801, Jersey (unverified)
The West of England Inusrance Company Register ref l/A/20 Jersey archives dated 19 July 1823-31 12 1829 notes the UNION COTTAGES and the firm of BARTLEY & GUILLE Builders
In the census of 1841 the Bartley family are living at 9 Union St and the Guille family next door at 11 Union St.
West of England Insurance Co Fire Policy for 4 April 1842-12 May 1845 mentions only
Robert John BARTLEY and Union St, no mention of Bartley & Guille. 1851 census also shows them living at 6 Union Court with neighbours Dennis family, John Hubert and Wm Savage
(sourced with Jersey Archives assistance, unverified)

Robert John BARTLEY

Death Certificate Robert John BARTLEY

1841 Census entry Robert John BARTLEY

1851 Census entry Robert John BARTLEY

Harriett BARTLEY b 16 June 1823 St Helier
( Family Bible Trans; Parish record St Helier Parish Church) bapt 29 June 1823; sponsors Mr & Mrs POPE; Judith CAPLAIN
married William Chadwick VONBERG abt 1844 (unverified, not found St Helier parish)
she died 12 Aug 1846 ( parish record St Helier Parish Church; Family Bible Trans)
Buried 12 Aug 1846 from parish of St Helier to Vonberg plot St Saviour .
William Chadwick VONBERG b 22 July 1823 St Helier ( St Helier Parish record)
Died 1889 Somerset England ( PRO Index March Quarter Deaths Vol 5c 335)
Marchand Draper res St Helier 1851 census
Served as an apprentice with Charles HAMON ( later husb of Jane BARTLEY)

Jane BARTLEY b 25 Mar 1825 St Helier, bapt 6 April 1825
(source Family Bible Trans. No entry found parish records St Helier parish.) 
Died 10 June 1882 at 61 Colomberie, St Helier. Buried Almorah Cemetery, St Helier Hamon Plot
(Source memorial card on file and Family Bible Trans. parish record Parish of St Helier). 
Married about 1844 Charles HAMON in St Helier. (Entry not found parish of St Helier.)
1851 census index ref 31 687 30
Charles HAMON b Oct 1821 St Helier, Jsy 
( Not found St Helier parish records)
Died 1901 (will Judicial Greffe probate granted 30 June 1902 D/Y/A/61/58)
Occupation Draper. Hamon Drapery operated in the family until 1995.

1871 Census entry Charles HAMON

Robert BARTLEY b 22 Oct 1826 St Helier Jsy. Bapt 3 Nov 1826
Sponsors David and Sophie FOOTE

(Source Family Bible Trans; parish record Parish of St Helier)
Census 1851 res 20 James St St Helier, builder –transcript on file
Emmigration to Auckland, New Zealand arrived 13 Oct 1854 on SS Joseph Fletcher.
Source Southern Cross; Entries to Ports of Auckland card index Auckland Public Libraries)
Married Esther KERBY 24 April 1848 St Lawrence, Jersey.
(Source parish reg of St Lawrence
Died 4 Sept 1913 Clarence St Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand.
(Death cert sighted.)
Buried O’Neils Point cemetery, North Shore, Auckland,New Zealand
(Gravestone sighted and photographed on file.)


1851 Census Entry Robert BARTLEY
Gravestone Robert & Esther BARTLEY

Memorial Card Robert BARTLEY

Ann BARTLEY b 10 Oct 1828  St Helier baptised at home at birth and at St Helier on 11 Oct 1828  (Source parish record St Helier Parish)
Died 12 Oct 1828, buried 14 Oct 1828 
(parish record St Helier Parish; family bible transcription; buried Plot 180 Green St Cemetery, St Helier.
Elizabeth BARTLEY b twin to Ann
(Baptism not found St Helier. Burial not found St Helier, Plot 180 Green St Cemetery, St Helier.)

Eliza BARTLEY b 26 Feb 1830 St Helier, baptised 12 March 1830 St Helier
(Source Family Bible trans, parish record St Helier parish)
Married Charles HAWLEY 1 June 1847 on Jersey 
(Source Family Bible trans ( illegible place name) not found parish of St Helier)
1858 to Victoria on SS MERMAID State of Victoria Archives-Victoria Inward Passenger List
married Robert WAITE 1870 (BDM Reg 1527 1870)
married Joseph WATERWOTH, 1888, Victoria Australia. 
(Unverified, Family Bible trans)
Died 21 Feb 1889 Guildford, Victoria Australia
(Source Family Bible Trans, unverified)

William BARTLEY b 12 Oct 1832 St Helier Jsy, bapt 28 Oct 1832
Sponsors Father & Mother
(Source parish record Parish of St Helier, Family Bible Trans)
Died 19 July 1836 St Helier Jsy. Buried 20 July 1836, Green St Cemetery, St Helier.
(Family Bible Trans;parish record Parish of St Helier; headstone Green St Cemetery plot 180). 

Louisa BARTLEY b 22 Feb 1835 St Helier, bapt 15 March 1835 
Sponsors Father and Mother (parish entry St Helier Parish; Family Bible Trans)
1881 res Dolce Domum St Helier, Hamon residence (RG 11 5611/63 p 19)
Died 7 July 1884 Grosvenor Villa, St Helier 
(Source memorial card on file, Fam Bible Trans, death entry parish record St Helier Parish

Memorial Card Louisa BARTLEY

Julia BARTLEY b 23 April 1837 St Helier, bapt 4 June 1837
Sponsors Father and Sarah HAMILTON
(Source parish entry parish of St Helier; Family Bible Trans)
Died 3 Feb 1850 St Helier.
(Source death cert sighted Nov 1997, Family Bible Trans; Headstone Plot 180 Green St Cemetery; 

Edward BARTLEY b 23 Feb 1839 baptised 17 March 1839 St Helier.
Sponsors Father and Mary Anne WILLIS
(Source parish entry Parish of St Helier; Fam Bible Trans)
1854 to Auckland on SS Joseph Fletcher with family of brother Robert
died 28 May 1919 Victoria Rd Devonport Auckland. 
(Source parish entry Parish of Holy Trinity, Devonport, Auckland. Death cert sighted Fol # 20564.)
Buried 29 May 1919, O’Neill’s Point Cemetery, North Shore, Auckland 
(Source headstone sighted and photographed ref NZSG Cem Rec B02.09)
m Elizabeth HANNKEN 16 Feb 1859 Auckland 
(Source NZBDM Folio ref 59/124)

Amelia BARTLEY b 17 July 1841 St Helier. Bapt 10 Oct 1841 St Helier
(Source parish record Parish of St Helier; Family Bible Trans.)
married abt 1862 John QUEREE (unverified)
Emmigration - arrived 16 May 1883 Auckland NZ by SS WESTMEATH
Died Auckland NZ 9 Aug 1903, buried 10 Aug 1903 Purewa cemetery, Auckland
(Grave stone sighted; Fam Bible Trans)

Memorial Card Amelia QUEREE (nee BARTLEY)

Gravestone Amelia QUEREE (nee BARTLEY)

Alfred BARTLEY b 17 July 1844 bapt 10 April 1844 St Helier 
(no entry found parish of St Helier)
Died 15 August 1866 at 61 Colomberie, St Helier Hamon residence. Occupation draper. 

 Buried Plot 180 Green St Cemetery. 
(Source parish record Parish of St Helier. Death cert sighted 11/97,Family Bible Trans; Gravestone sighted)