Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Otto. Keven. Hannken, Waddell and Nicolle


Today we look at some of the research queries received in the last few weeks. There is some fantastic work going on. The purpose of this post is twofold- to publicise some recent activity and to invite your assistance and connection with other researchers.

Jan in Australia has recently linked up with other Hannken 'cousins' through the Ancestry DNA network. She is looking for a copy of Philip Hannken's biography of his father Frederick titled 'The Pioneer'. Her copy (now lost) was in a plain green binding, probably published privately in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. Does anyone own a copy which could be scanned and shared?

Still on Hannken matters- a researcher asks: does anyone know the whereabouts of the Hannken/Waddell family album auctioned through Art & Object in August 2015. The catalogue entry reads:
31 carte de visites mostly portraits by Hemus & Hanna, Queen St,
Auckland with several different logos verso. Single images by Clarke
Brothers, Queen St, Auckland; R.H. Bartlett Auckland; Foy Brothers
Thames; E. Willmott, Queen
St Auckland; Gregorys Ponsonby Road; Tuttles & Co Auckland, Josiah
Martin Auckland.
The photographs appear to mainly members of the Waddell and
Hannken families.
Two images of shop frontages one of ‘Hannken Bros First Cheap Cash
Sale’ and one of Waddell Steam Biscuit Factory.
Some of the photographs are faded with some spotting mostly G to
All in a small oblong album bound with squares of mother of pearl,
brass clasps and aleather spine, the album is worn with loose pages
and the spine is split.
$300 - $400

Turning now to Otto/Keven history. Jeremy is researching the early life of Thomas Keven. He is particularly interested in picking up the trail from Australia back to Britain. Would anyone currently working in the same area be interested in collaborating?

Jeremy has also explored the Nicolle family in considerable detail, using primary source material to establish the lineage of Eliza Nicolle wife of George Otto. He draws attention to the number of unsubstantiated trees for Nicolle which have been published and highlights the potential pitfalls for researchers. Jeremy has shared his research here see Descendants of George Nicolle.