Understanding our past we are empowered for our future.

The Bartley Family Archive is a volunteer project established in 1997. The growth and development of the archive has been made possible by the contributions of researchers in New Zealand and overseas. In order for that growth to continue we encourage individuals and organisations to donate copies of images, documents, genealogical data and materials on the understanding that those donations will be made freely available to the public.
Anyone is free to use the images and information presented here. Your acknowledgement of the source as: Bartley Family Archive would be appreciated.

The Archive is further supported by my own work as a writer and researcher. I have more than 20 years of experience in local and family history research. In addition to ‘Colonial Architect – a Biography of Edward Bartley’ I have contributed articles to numerous journals and publications.
Please email to discuss how I may assist with your research or writing proposal.

The purpose of this site is:
  • v  to share information and images concerning our individual and collective heritage
  • v  to facilitate worldwide connections between descendants of the brothers Robert and Edward Bartley who emigrated from Jersey in the Channel Islands to Auckland, New Zealand
  • v  to assist individuals and communities to find information concerning their heritage
  • v  to act as a hub for the exchange of information between researchers in our topic areas
  • v  to raise awareness of the contribution made by our ancestors to the social and built environment of New Zealand
  • v  to demonstrate the relevance of heritage to our past and future community life