Friday, 12 December 2014

Retro Greeting Cards & Thanks

Interleaf text sheet. No printer attribution or country of origin marked Image BFA 2014
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Bartley Family Archive this year. 
My thanks also to all those who visited this site, as well as to those who shared with us by way of comment and email.

We have a seasonal flavour for this post, as you see.

These images are scans of Christmas cards available  in 1953.  All were purchased in New Zealand. They have been donated to the Archive as a group.
The graphics give a good taste of the post war culture don't they?

All are welcome to use the images on this page for their own festive creations. Enjoy.

Interleaf text sheet. Printed in England. Image MGM  Image BFA 2014

Interleaf text sheet. Marked on reverse 17B British Production Image BFA 2014

Double Fold Presentation. Reverse Marked X602 Copyright Rust Craft Boston USA. Image BFA 2014