Thursday, 5 June 2014

Ancestors of Thomas Flight of Fawley, Hampshire, England

All Saints, Fawley, Hampshire. Image with thanks to John Vigar

Another posting for FLIGHT family researchers - going backwards this time, looking at the forebears of Thomas Flight born 1735. At this stage we have only raw data on these families. Any contribution which could add colour and depth to their stories would be most welcome.
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Thomas FLIGHT, husband of Anne ROBERT was a son of Henry Flight (born 13 Dec 1708) and Jane. Both his parents were from Fawley, in Hampshire, England. At this stage it is uncertain how many of his extended family visited or resided in the Channel Islands.

Henry and Jane were married at Fawley in 1731. We know of six children in their family:
Jennet - born 11 April 1732
Twins Henry and James - born 02 March 1733
Thomas b 26 February 1735
Jeny - born 7 April 1737.

The paternal grandfather of these children was another Henry Flight, who was born about 1680. Their grandmother, Catherine was also from Hampshire, born about 1673. The couple married about 1696. We know of five children in the family:
Catherine - born 16 October 1696
Henry - born about 1699, who died young
Rose - born 14 Dec 1705
Henry - born 13 Dec 1708
Honor - born 26 Dec 1714, later the wife of William WILLS

The paternal grandfather of Thomas Flight  was William Flight. The name of his wife is unknown. We know of four of William's children, all born at Fawley:
Mary - born 16 March 1678
Henry - born about 1680
William - born 24 November 1681, married Alice about 1700 in Hampshire and had a family of six children
John - born 2 January 1687