Friday, 6 June 2014

Thomas Flight and Jeanne Letocq

From Fort George Guernsey, Book of Guernsey Views Bartley Family Archive

More data for FLIGHT family researchers concerning Thomas, son of Thomas Flight and Anne ROBERT

Thomas FLIGHT was born 24 June 1772 in St Peter Port, Guernsey. He married Jeanne LETOCQ on 3 May 1794 at the Town Church in St Peter Port. This couple had the following children:

Ann - born 4 February 1798 at St Clement, Cornwall, England. She married William CLARKE in St Peter Port on 27 January 1833. She died 13 November 1858 in Haut Pave, Guernsey ( Death Register Guernsey #2683)

Henry - born 27 April 1800 at St Clement, Cornwall. He married Elizabeth DE LA RUE on 6 September 1823 at St Peter Port. He died 9 March 1867 Guernsey. (Death Register Guernsey #40)

Jane - born about 1802. She married Thomas LE CHEMINANT on 26 November 1838 at St Peter Port.

Mary- born 4 August 1805 at St Clement, Cornwall. She married Thomas GALLIENNE on  20 January 1834 at St Peter Port. She died there in 1862.

Betsey - born 18 October 1807 in St Peter Port

Kitty - born 29 December 1809 in St Peter Port

Sophia - born 22 July 1812 in St Peter Port. She married Samuel WHITFORD 11 July 1839 at St Peter Port. She died after 1841.