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Julia Bartley and Steven Rountree

Julia Bartley was born 24 December 1851 St Helier Jersey, a child of Robert Bartley and Esther Kerby. Julia married Stephen Gilbert ROUNTREE in Auckland on 19 December 1874.

Julia Bartley as a young woman, Image Steven Album, BFA

Gilbert, as he was known was born 5 November 1851 at Portadown, Armagh in Ireland. He was a son of Meredith Rountree and Margaret Ann GILBERT. They came to New Zealand by SS 'Portland' in 1863, accompanied by other members of the Gilbert family.

Waikiekie, Northland, NZ Image BFA 2013

Ruarangi, the place where the Rountrees took up land, is a place south of Whangarei and inland from the coast. This district around Waikiekie, right through to Mangapai was good land but with diabolical access to the settlements. Even in summer the roads were challenging, especially the road south to Waipu. All supplies had to be fetched from Oakleigh, a return journey of several days which was treacherous in all seasons. When one of the Rountree's children died in 1867 the family had to inter their son on their own land. The only road was in impassable from any direction in March.

The former Waikiekie Post Office, store and boarding house Image BFA 2013

Gilbert's father died at Ruarangi  in November 1870. His death was the result of an accident.  Gilbert's mother left the farm and lived at Birkenhead on Auckland's North Shore until her death in January 1903. Jones Rountree, Gilbert's brother, continued to farm in the district. He was active in local body affairs and influential in cooperative expansion to the dairy industry in the district.

Gilbert left the farm and went to Thames as a young man. He later pursued the career of accountant, joining the Auckland Savings Bank. His brother in law Clement Bartley was employed there as manager . Like Clement, Gilbert rose to the rank of manager during the course of his long banking career.

Julia and Gilbert lived at Bayswater on the North Shore. As a couple they were very involved in their Baptist church and with the Sunday School movement.
Julia Bartley Image BFA

Image K Turner, BFA
Julia and Gilbert’s family consisted of:
Eva, born 16 February 1876 who later married Arthur FERNEYHOUGH
Harry born 26 January 1878 who went to England, married Stella STEWART and died 1950 at Penzance, Cornwall
Maud born 8 April 1879 who became the wife of Samuel BARRY
Vera born 23 December 1881 who later married Percival MOURANT and died in 1961 at Takapuna
Zillah born 8 August 1884 who became Mrs William Ray ELLINGHAM
Myrtle born 15 November 1888 who married Horace RICHARDS and died 1966 in Christchurch
Edward Gilbert born 14 May 1890, who was known as Ted. He married Anne RAE and died 1976 in Thames

Image K Turner, BFA

Gilbert died at 67 at home in Bayswater on 9 September 1918

The Rountree Grave at O'Neill's Point Cemetery, North Shore, Auckland

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Thanks to family researchers D Barry, K Turner and Witheford descendants for their contributions to the Archive. Additional research by M Bartley.